A charming 2,8 km long bay at the end of Sernambetiba Avenue.

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This initiative seeks to provide a unique experience at the Santa Marta favela, focusing on the natural, cultural, historic and collective representations of the neighborhood, The tours promoted by agents of Brazilidade give tourists a notion of what the community is like, through simple conversations after that the possibility of being absorbed in the environment, while interacting with the space and the people who reside there. Tue-Sun 10am-4pm Visitas guiadas a cada 30 minutos: A charming 2,8 km long inlet at the end of Sernambetiba Avenue. Campeón visitas duram cerca de 30 minutos. For 22 years all the rage the market, this is the largest motorcycle tourism company all the rage the world, specializing in rental and tour operating, offering distinctive packages and exclusive bikes, akin to BMWs and Harley-Davidsons. Places akin to Cadeg, the sambas at Cacique de Ramos and Renascença, Doçaria Colombo, among other destinations are on the roadmap.

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Missionary Catholic Religious Guides. Rocinha, the largest one in Brazil, after that Vila Canoas. The tour goes to two favelas: Specialized after that bilingual tour guides make Efe Tour the place to attempt for an unforgettable adventure, along with all the quality and safety that is their cornerstone. The team performs two free city tours: You will visit the handcrafts and comercial area of Rocinha, as well as the local school of Vila Canoas, partly driving and partly by shank's pony.